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(also see Our Pamphlets)

Power Point Supported Mission Challenges
“Our Dark World” (Part 1 & 2 – presented in 2 seminars or in 2 concurrent years)
“Reaching our World” (Part 1 & 2 – presented in 2 seminars or in 2 concurrent years)
“Footprints in Eternity
Other PPT Mission Focus Challenges

Mission Conferences 
A Series of up to 5 messages (any number of which have been presented on a single day or over a conference period; Additional missionaries can be arranged to participate)

Seminar on Biblical Stewardship
”Serving God in a Wanting World” ( A series of 4 or 5 messages presented as a weekend ministry)

Men’s Ministry

“Spiritual Health Check” (a 4-part series on what Proverbs says about the heart, the tongue, the eyes, the feet)

Clinical Depression Seminar

“Pain of Mind: A Biblical Perspective of Depression” (Series of Bible-based lectures from Ph.D. dissertation)

Church Leadership Seminars

Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship Training (4-6 hr)

(Other topics arranged with advanced notice)

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